domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013

How to wear a patterned shirt year-round

Running low on ideas on how to wear your patterned shirt? Fera not! While I've already covered a few looks here, I came up with new looks and ideas you can try! Keep in mind you can always change the "pieces" to better match your personal style. Here we go:

For winter

Let's try some original looks for winter! After you've tried the classic "layering under a sweater and pairing with jeans" outfit, try these:
  • Contrasting vest
  • Leather jacket
  • Dress

For spring

A full-sleeved shirt may be too warm for summer but it makes a great transition piece! A known way that this will work for everyone is to take a t-shirt and jeans and just wear the patterned short over it, like a little cardigan. When you've worn up all of those, see the outfits below:

Pair the shirt with all sorts of pants and shoes to get every single look from your closet. Then, weed out the not-so-great ones. This will make sure you'll at least look at every possible combination and open new doors for you!

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