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So many ways to wear red jeans

One of my most popular posts and requested questions is how to wear red jeans so I figured a full guide was in order! Let's check out all the ways you can wear your red jeans!

This is gonna take a while...

  • With tees: try all outfits you can come up with based on red jeans and a white tee (remix almost all your accessories here alone!), then expand to coordinating graphic tees, for a punch of quirky cool!
  • With blouses: see which patterned tops/ blouses/ shirts go well with red, you likely have lots of those!
  • With shirts: a plain white shirt is just as versatile as a tee, except with the "fancy power" of collars. Give them a shot for more polished outfits
  • With cardigans: either solid or in a coordinating pattern (namely any animal print) most cardigans take red jeans well

  • With blazers: Solid black or coordinating patterns, all work well in giving the red jean a prim and propper feel. Accessorize with feminine dainty pieces or ones with a menswear feel like watches and oxford shoes
  • With sweaters: while stripes are amazing with red any sweater can look good with red jeans, just as with blue ones. Try all of yours to weed out the odd color pairings
  • With denim: the logical pairing for any trend not envolving denim is to add some. Either with a shirt or jacket, you can't go wrong with these basics
  • With fur: pair this glam color with a glam texture and a neutral layer under the fur to ground the look. My favorites are the button down (see above) and solid long sleeve tees/sweaters in black, white or beige
Remember these are merely basis for outfits so you can build up form these looks adding various accessories/shoes/etc. The combos are endless!

Do you think I got them all this time? Which of these combos do you already wear? Is there a new one you'll try? I want to hear from you in the comments below!

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