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Fashion challange: Dog walking

I came across your blog while looking for a place similar to Polyvore's old ask section. So, here's my fashion dilemma: I am a professional dog walker. I walk long distances every day so I need to wear sturdy walking shoes and my clothes get a little beat up, but I still want to look cute. Any suggestions?
 From what I'm reading it seems that your problem is expressing your personal style when you have requirements and your clothes get beat up. So I'm gonna show you a sample outfit you could wear and break it down in steps.

My personal style is classic/girly and it shows here so feel free to change this up to express yourself better

You probably already own appropriate shoes. Discreet almost shoe-like sneakers are a cute and sturdy option, as well as oxfords if you're looking for cute new footwear. Look for medium quality if they get beat up a lot and a non-conspicuous color like dark gray or black.

Either wear very inexpensive pants or jeans. I recommend you get a cheap pair of thick jeans you can "destroy" and that fit you well. They are comfy, go with everything, and you won't be sad when they can't take it anymore.
Keep these separate from your "real" jeans to avoid ruining the good pair(s)

Get a jacket in a resistant (denim-like?) fabric in a color that won't show dirt like dark brown or again, gray. Either invest in one made for the outdoors you couldn't ruin if you tried or get an inexpensive one you won't mind wrecking

Get cheap cute tees that reflect your style. About 5 should be "work tees: cheaper and ruin-able. there isn't much more to it really. If it  gets really cold look into getting a sweatshirt or hoodie at the thriftstore

Looking cute
I like scarves but I guess they would be very good around big dogs. Try different looks with makeup and small-ish statement earrings that stay close to the ear. You can also play with your hair in all sorts of braids and buns

So, was this helpful? What could improve this look?

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  1. Thank you! That's great. I love that jacket and it would be perfect for my outdoor needs :)

    1. Thank you for your input, glad I was able to help

  2. I have a suggestion for comfortable sneaker-like shoes: Sketchers Go Walk. They look like cute loafers, but are incredibly cushiony. I am a runner, and I use them as my recovery shoes! They have also served me well on several theme park visits.

    1. I'm sure everyone who does this much walking can appreciate the gem it is to find cute and comfy shoes! Thanks for the tip!