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Looking good with no makeup

It may seem odd but some people sport the no-makeup look at work. Out of need. People like nurses and lab techs an be required to do so. Some, like myself, have this rule as part of a uniform and have no way around it.

There is no reason to look dishiveled just because make-up isn't an option. I'm talking about sporting events, beach outings or even on a retreat where makeup should be the least of your concerns.

I'm not making a makeup tutorial to look as natural as possible, the internet is already full of those. Today I'll do the oposite and teach you to look like you're wearing a little bit of makeup to fake the natural look, while waring no makeup at all!

You'll need:

  • petroleum jelly
  • toothbrush/paste, and other dental equipment
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen
  • face cleanser/toner
  • chapstick (optional)
  • perfume
Here we go!
  • Start by brushing your teeth, flossing, and all you do in your regular oral hygiene. It doesn't really matter how little ago you did this already because with few mechanisms to improve your look you want to start with the best foundation as possible. I personally feel more confident and fresher if I brush my teeth again to leave the house with fresh breath when I'm not wearing makeup
  • Clean your face with whatever your prefered method is. Apply all steps until you are squeaky clean
  • Apply a generous layer of lotion. This will make you skin shiny and nourished. Also, this is a good time to get a move on other things like eatig breakfast while your face dries for a bit
  • Top off your already sticky face with some sunscreen. It'll blend better and it's not an optional step. Let dry a bit more.
  • When your face is no longer sticky to the touch, you can whip out the jelly to highlight your best features and this is where we'll really play! Put a tiny blob on your finger and dab these spots below!

If you need help remembering the spots there are three around the eye (inner corner, top of cheekbone, below brow) and one right on your cupid's bow. Just remember it's a little touch, not a glob!

  • Rub what's left of your jelly on your lashes, using your finger as a mascara wand and/or use it to tame your brows. Just remember a little goes a long way
  • If you have chapstick, use it. You can also replace it with more jelly (it's amazing like that)
  • A spritz of perfume will finish your look perfectly and give an extra boost of confidence. I often forget perfume but it reallt helps elevate your mood

This article is too long!
For the lazy, hurried or to use as a future reference guide, here is a handy sum-up! If you find articles too long, unhelpful or with too few pictures, don't hesitate to speak out in the comments!

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  1. You are a GENIUS. I'm totally giving this a try the next time I go without makeup!!

    1. My goodness, thanl you Jennifer! I'm so glad you found this helpful! It seems like a bit of a long guide but you can do it in a couple of minutes with practice

      If you ever need a hand or have a question send me an e-mail at theasksection@hotmail.com

  2. Thanks, gonna try this next time on the gym! You should do a series about make up!

    1. That's a really nice idea! I'm personally not a make-up person but maybe others could benefit from my lazy shortcuts! Good idea, thank you :)