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Looking good while sick

Lately I've taken inspiration from my personal life to write my articles and this will be no exception. I've come down with a stomach flu (all better now) and had a dinner to attend to. Here's the scoop!

First and foremost, focus on your health. Do anything you can to improve whatever condition you are in.

Follow your doctor's advice always. This guide has worked for me and my illness but some steps can be bad for your particular situation. Use your best judgement and call a doctor when in doubt.

Even if it's not glamorous or pretty, you'll feel and look much better if you are not as sick.
This can mean taking meds, eating or avoiding certains foods and resting plenty. Remember to drink lots of water, in small sips at a time to stay hydrated.

Although sickness is often gross, you can do something about that. Take a relaxing bath or tepid shower and take your time washing yourself, you hair and doing any pampering you've been meaning too, like an extra facial mask sample you had lying around for an occasion or a special conditioner.

Hydrate yourself plenty before you get dressed. You can't drink a lot of water at a time and being sick depletes you of it so don't let it go through your skin! Rub lotion everywhere!

This is also a good time to wash your face, brush your teeth and care for your nails, even without a full mani

Select a clean outfit that makes you feel good without being uncomfortable. When selecting clothes remember sickness can often bloat you.

Do any beauty treatments you can think of. These relax you and your body and make you feel better about your looks. Try an ice facial or putting something cold over your eyes for a couple of minutes.

In most cases it would be beneficial to go without makeup but depending on how sick you are/look, decide for yourself whether you want to wear any. An intermediate look with mascara and gloss only would be nice.
Your skin may look blotchy but this is no time for foundation, powder or shadow. Try a tinted moisturizer at most and only if you'll remove it shortly after.

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