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Fashion Challange: Look good in sporting equipment

Playing sports can be a fun way to work out but it can also be a real bummer fashion-wise. Unless you're in a gym-sport (like yoga or kickboxing) it's unlikely that you'll find cute equipment, or even matching sets for that matter!

But that doesn't mean you need to look bad while engaging in your favorite activities. Let's see what we're dealing with beforehand

The equipment itself
Depending on your prefered sport, you'll have standart gear. This means stuff like helmets, safety vests or club uniforms if participating in a competitive modality. Eliminate problems right of the bat by choosing the best fitting option possible, a neutral color if available and something you'd deem cute.

For example, I like to go sailing on weekends. There isn't much I can do about the standart equipment in the winter: I wear a full body suit (including feet) in red and gray designed to keep me warm and dry even if I go overboard. 
It doesn't match my vest but it's the least of my concerns in the cold.

However, in the summer I can wear pretty flip-flops or go barefoot and trade my full suit for a smaller neoprene model. I chose one in black, gray and blue to match my vest. If it's very hot out, I can even go in a swimsuit and vest only, and that's when I go wild with patterns!

Your extras
It isn't my case (mostly) but sometimes you need to wear your own stuff when equipment doesn't cover certain parts of you. This is your oportunity to shine!
Keep in mind safety first, especially with dangerous sports so make sure you're covered wherever you need to be and minimize hazards by forgoing embellishments like zippers or beads that can hurt you.

In my example, I bring a small backpack with me at all times and it's a mix of red, gray and dark blue to help tie my color schemes together. I might not be fashion-week worthy but at least I don't look like I got dressed in the dark!
Sometimes, depending on the weather, I may need a warm beanie or waterproof gloves. I bought these in black because I reckon they'll outlast all other pieces of equipment. In cold but not windy days, I can replace the top portion of my equipment with a polar fleece. I have a few in bright shades of red and blue.

Last but most definitely not least is you! Keep yourself groomed and pretty but without much fuss. A clean face is most likely required but you can still make an effort to be pretty without makeup (next week).
If you have the freedom to do so, change up your hairstyle! Braids and ponytails are a perfect mix of practical and pretty and won't look odd if dischiveled after practice

Your route
It can happen that you need a mix of equipment and street-ready clothes to go to and from practice. If possible, layer a simple outfit over your equipment like baggy jeans and a hoodie. Even if you have somewhere to change, keep it simple so you'll be dressed and ready faster.

And what about you? Got any advice for any fellow sporty fashionistas? Or trouble looking good during a particular sport? Comment below or send questions to

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