sábado, 7 de setembro de 2013

Don't settle for less

The end of summer, the sales and the back to school spirit, along with new collections and Fashion Week, inspire many to go shopping. You take stock at home of what you might need for the cold season: perhaps a new coat or purse.

You may already have a faint idea of what you want and why. You want a long coat in a fun pattern or a simple black blazer or flat riding boots. I'm not here to tell you what to shop for. I'm here to tell you not to settle unless you really have to.

Don't settle for ill-fitting pants, coats that won't button, shoes that cram you toes. You came shopping looking for something and if you haven't found it, don't give up and settle. Keep looking! Take enough pride in yourself not to go home with something you love less than you expected. It'll be that much more magical when you finally find what you were truly looking for, and you'll be without an excuse not to take it home with you.

Isn't it disheartening when you see the perfect bag on a store but then think to yourself: "I can't buy it, I needed a purse and bought one last week". Now you'll regret having purchased something you didn't love and the bag you left at the store will haunt your thoughts whenever you pick up the other one.

Be assertive. Choose exactly what you want and go get it! You may have to compromise a little or you'll be looking forever but have limits. If you don't love it, it stays.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots for about three years. As long as I don't find a pair just so, I'll live without them. The other footwear I already own and love will do until then.
My mom wanted me to buy a piece of jewelry as a graduation gift. I chose the thing I liked most in the store, even though I didn't love it. Haven't worn it once and I regret the purchase ever since. It makes me feel guilty everytime I open my jewelry box.
What about you? Are you on the hunt for something? Regreted an impulse buy you didn't love?

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