sábado, 28 de setembro de 2013

Looking good while sick

Lately I've taken inspiration from my personal life to write my articles and this will be no exception. I've come down with a stomach flu (all better now) and had a dinner to attend to. Here's the scoop!

First and foremost, focus on your health. Do anything you can to improve whatever condition you are in.

Follow your doctor's advice always. This guide has worked for me and my illness but some steps can be bad for your particular situation. Use your best judgement and call a doctor when in doubt.

Even if it's not glamorous or pretty, you'll feel and look much better if you are not as sick.
This can mean taking meds, eating or avoiding certains foods and resting plenty. Remember to drink lots of water, in small sips at a time to stay hydrated.

Although sickness is often gross, you can do something about that. Take a relaxing bath or tepid shower and take your time washing yourself, you hair and doing any pampering you've been meaning too, like an extra facial mask sample you had lying around for an occasion or a special conditioner.

Hydrate yourself plenty before you get dressed. You can't drink a lot of water at a time and being sick depletes you of it so don't let it go through your skin! Rub lotion everywhere!

This is also a good time to wash your face, brush your teeth and care for your nails, even without a full mani

Select a clean outfit that makes you feel good without being uncomfortable. When selecting clothes remember sickness can often bloat you.

Do any beauty treatments you can think of. These relax you and your body and make you feel better about your looks. Try an ice facial or putting something cold over your eyes for a couple of minutes.

In most cases it would be beneficial to go without makeup but depending on how sick you are/look, decide for yourself whether you want to wear any. An intermediate look with mascara and gloss only would be nice.
Your skin may look blotchy but this is no time for foundation, powder or shadow. Try a tinted moisturizer at most and only if you'll remove it shortly after.

sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

Looking good with no makeup

It may seem odd but some people sport the no-makeup look at work. Out of need. People like nurses and lab techs an be required to do so. Some, like myself, have this rule as part of a uniform and have no way around it.

There is no reason to look dishiveled just because make-up isn't an option. I'm talking about sporting events, beach outings or even on a retreat where makeup should be the least of your concerns.

I'm not making a makeup tutorial to look as natural as possible, the internet is already full of those. Today I'll do the oposite and teach you to look like you're wearing a little bit of makeup to fake the natural look, while waring no makeup at all!

You'll need:

  • petroleum jelly
  • toothbrush/paste, and other dental equipment
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen
  • face cleanser/toner
  • chapstick (optional)
  • perfume
Here we go!
  • Start by brushing your teeth, flossing, and all you do in your regular oral hygiene. It doesn't really matter how little ago you did this already because with few mechanisms to improve your look you want to start with the best foundation as possible. I personally feel more confident and fresher if I brush my teeth again to leave the house with fresh breath when I'm not wearing makeup
  • Clean your face with whatever your prefered method is. Apply all steps until you are squeaky clean
  • Apply a generous layer of lotion. This will make you skin shiny and nourished. Also, this is a good time to get a move on other things like eatig breakfast while your face dries for a bit
  • Top off your already sticky face with some sunscreen. It'll blend better and it's not an optional step. Let dry a bit more.
  • When your face is no longer sticky to the touch, you can whip out the jelly to highlight your best features and this is where we'll really play! Put a tiny blob on your finger and dab these spots below!

If you need help remembering the spots there are three around the eye (inner corner, top of cheekbone, below brow) and one right on your cupid's bow. Just remember it's a little touch, not a glob!

  • Rub what's left of your jelly on your lashes, using your finger as a mascara wand and/or use it to tame your brows. Just remember a little goes a long way
  • If you have chapstick, use it. You can also replace it with more jelly (it's amazing like that)
  • A spritz of perfume will finish your look perfectly and give an extra boost of confidence. I often forget perfume but it reallt helps elevate your mood

This article is too long!
For the lazy, hurried or to use as a future reference guide, here is a handy sum-up! If you find articles too long, unhelpful or with too few pictures, don't hesitate to speak out in the comments!

domingo, 15 de setembro de 2013

Fashion Challange: Look good in sporting equipment

Playing sports can be a fun way to work out but it can also be a real bummer fashion-wise. Unless you're in a gym-sport (like yoga or kickboxing) it's unlikely that you'll find cute equipment, or even matching sets for that matter!

But that doesn't mean you need to look bad while engaging in your favorite activities. Let's see what we're dealing with beforehand

The equipment itself
Depending on your prefered sport, you'll have standart gear. This means stuff like helmets, safety vests or club uniforms if participating in a competitive modality. Eliminate problems right of the bat by choosing the best fitting option possible, a neutral color if available and something you'd deem cute.

For example, I like to go sailing on weekends. There isn't much I can do about the standart equipment in the winter: I wear a full body suit (including feet) in red and gray designed to keep me warm and dry even if I go overboard. 
It doesn't match my vest but it's the least of my concerns in the cold.

However, in the summer I can wear pretty flip-flops or go barefoot and trade my full suit for a smaller neoprene model. I chose one in black, gray and blue to match my vest. If it's very hot out, I can even go in a swimsuit and vest only, and that's when I go wild with patterns!

Your extras
It isn't my case (mostly) but sometimes you need to wear your own stuff when equipment doesn't cover certain parts of you. This is your oportunity to shine!
Keep in mind safety first, especially with dangerous sports so make sure you're covered wherever you need to be and minimize hazards by forgoing embellishments like zippers or beads that can hurt you.

In my example, I bring a small backpack with me at all times and it's a mix of red, gray and dark blue to help tie my color schemes together. I might not be fashion-week worthy but at least I don't look like I got dressed in the dark!
Sometimes, depending on the weather, I may need a warm beanie or waterproof gloves. I bought these in black because I reckon they'll outlast all other pieces of equipment. In cold but not windy days, I can replace the top portion of my equipment with a polar fleece. I have a few in bright shades of red and blue.

Last but most definitely not least is you! Keep yourself groomed and pretty but without much fuss. A clean face is most likely required but you can still make an effort to be pretty without makeup (next week).
If you have the freedom to do so, change up your hairstyle! Braids and ponytails are a perfect mix of practical and pretty and won't look odd if dischiveled after practice

Your route
It can happen that you need a mix of equipment and street-ready clothes to go to and from practice. If possible, layer a simple outfit over your equipment like baggy jeans and a hoodie. Even if you have somewhere to change, keep it simple so you'll be dressed and ready faster.

And what about you? Got any advice for any fellow sporty fashionistas? Or trouble looking good during a particular sport? Comment below or send questions to theasksection@hotmail.com

sábado, 7 de setembro de 2013

Don't settle for less

The end of summer, the sales and the back to school spirit, along with new collections and Fashion Week, inspire many to go shopping. You take stock at home of what you might need for the cold season: perhaps a new coat or purse.

You may already have a faint idea of what you want and why. You want a long coat in a fun pattern or a simple black blazer or flat riding boots. I'm not here to tell you what to shop for. I'm here to tell you not to settle unless you really have to.

Don't settle for ill-fitting pants, coats that won't button, shoes that cram you toes. You came shopping looking for something and if you haven't found it, don't give up and settle. Keep looking! Take enough pride in yourself not to go home with something you love less than you expected. It'll be that much more magical when you finally find what you were truly looking for, and you'll be without an excuse not to take it home with you.

Isn't it disheartening when you see the perfect bag on a store but then think to yourself: "I can't buy it, I needed a purse and bought one last week". Now you'll regret having purchased something you didn't love and the bag you left at the store will haunt your thoughts whenever you pick up the other one.

Be assertive. Choose exactly what you want and go get it! You may have to compromise a little or you'll be looking forever but have limits. If you don't love it, it stays.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle boots for about three years. As long as I don't find a pair just so, I'll live without them. The other footwear I already own and love will do until then.
My mom wanted me to buy a piece of jewelry as a graduation gift. I chose the thing I liked most in the store, even though I didn't love it. Haven't worn it once and I regret the purchase ever since. It makes me feel guilty everytime I open my jewelry box.
What about you? Are you on the hunt for something? Regreted an impulse buy you didn't love?