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Fashion Challenge: Multi-activity day

Summer releases our most spontaneous selves, and that goes for everyone. However, some of those spur-of-the-moment ideas can leave you stumped, style-wise. I mean, what do you wear for a day-long hike/picnic or for touring a city close to yours?

If you need tips with a particular style dilemma, write me to theasksection@hotmail.com

Add to the fun
First and foremost, be polite. If you're being invited, bring something to help to the party. Potluck? Bring a dish or drink. Road-trip? Bring a camera and snacks. Or depending on who else is going, you can even bring small gifts for everyone else involved! I do this when a friend of mine invites me and a group if friends to stay at her place.

Think thoroughly about what kind of gear is essential to make sure you have fun. Heels or even wedges can cramp your fun on a hike, so you'll need sneakers. A big bag will make your life difficult on a tour where you'll carry it around. Going to the beach and forgetting a towel can be a real bummer.

So list whatever you will need for sure, to have a better picture of what you're working with. The size of whatever you need to carry will determine your bag choices and the items you must wear have to dictate the rest of your outfit.

Add glamour
According to your personal style, add your favorite aesthetic elements to your outfit. You can even replace essentials with versions that speak more to your personal style like a printed water bottle or shiny sunglasses.
For this example, I made an outfit for a day-long hike that will involve picnics and swimming in a nearby river. I need sneakers, a bikini (worn under the clothes) and a light jacket.

While remaining true to my style, I tried to go the simple route and packing in a small tote things which could make my trip miserable if I lack them, namely a cover up lighter than my clothes and a change of underwear, including fresh socks. I went "glam" with a printed purse, fancy looking sunglasses and earrings.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to find an outfit for a complicated day? Leave yout toughts on the comments!

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