sábado, 20 de julho de 2013

Packing light: Beach weekend

Do you see yourself going on a spur of the moment glamorous roadtrip with nothing more than a big purse as your luggage? Well, at the least the packing light part you can make come true! No matter your plans, you can make sure you carry your own bag with no problems!

The diagram above makes weekend packing pretty clear: take a big purse and a smaller clutch/wallet with your essentials in it. Make sure you wear the bulkier shoes on the trip, as well as other stuff that won't pack well, like a hat. 

On the bag, put a bikini (or two) and a couple of clothing pieces you can mix and match.
For a weekend, two tops and one bottom should suffice. If you need a different outfit for fancy dinners pack another dress but only one (it makes two with the one worn on the trip). Change up your look with statement jewelry or scarves.

Make sure you pack often forgot items like a pajama, extra underwear and gadjet chargers.

Last but not least, pack a Ladies' Dopp Kit (below) and you're ready for the road!

What about you? How do you pack fast and effectively for a trip?

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