sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

Personal Uniform Makeovers: Part 5

With the temperatures rising, we tend to default to a personal uniform that is both cool and confortable. Unfortunately, that can leave us lacking in the style department if we're not careful! Today's post will help you tweak your daily outfit so it'll be the coolest both in temperature and fashion-wise!

Again, please please please stop defaulting to acid wash mom jeans and flipflops. Not even for the weekend, not even for loungewear. Pants will make your legs hot and the rubber in the flipflops will have your feet swimming in their own sweat in a short time. Sorry for being so gross but maybe that'll discourage you from wearing them!

If you're on the fence about "investing" in proper sandals, I've got three pretty strong arguments for you:

  • They're not that expensive: just like flipflops, they come at all price points
  • If you choose a polished pair, you can forgo all other summer footwear (you don't have to, of course) and take the sandals to all events from super casual barbeque to formal wedding!
  • You'll look much better! If you run into your mother-in-law or an ex or just for the fun of it, looking great never hurt anyone. You'll even get better treatment from strangers than if you look like a slob
  • Your feet will thank you. Flipflops lack proper foot support and tire the feet (when lifting the part of the sole that isn't attatched to you, the heel part) in a way that sandals don't
I sure hope that was enough to convince you! Onto the dress!

Try to find a couple of day dresses that flatter your figure (if you could use a hand with that, leave your question in the comments below) in colors that look good on your skin and make you happy. Prints are welcome too! Now let's revise the benefits of defaulting to a dress in sweltering heat:

  • It's way breezier than pants or shorts
  • No need to think in full outfits, you're already dressed and top and bottom go together
  • You automatically look polished and ladylike
  • You're ready to go wherever the day takes you: brunch, tea, sudden meeting...
The last bit to look stylish is not to forgo accessories. A day dress by itself doesn't have as much visual interest as a full outfit that mixes textures and layers. A simple accessory or two should fix that! My favorite suggestions are a thin yet long necklace, a fun statement clutch or a stack of bracelets.

What about you? What outfit do you default to in the heat? Will you change it now?
How would you accessorize a simple day dress for just a regular day?

2 comentários:

  1. I agree with you and this is how I dress in the heat when I'm not going to work. My only addition to this uniform is a straw hat: it adds more personality to the outfit, while conveniently shading my eyes from the blazing sun :)

    1. Welcome, Meibaola
      A hat does add more personality but some peopple may find it hard to pull off. I'm a recent convert to wide brim straw hats in different colors and patterns :)
      Fell free to tweak the outfits featured to your own style, it's the main reason why I keep them simple!

      Congratulations on your chic personal uniform! Be sure to ask questions whenever you need them too!