sábado, 22 de junho de 2013

On modeling and perfection

To all of you out there seeking to look "perfect", just like the models you see on magazines and billboards, hear me out. To all of you who are dieting to "look prettier" and not for health, hear me out.

 We are not perfect. And no matter how hard you try, you'll never be. Not only the whole concept of being perfect is flawed, it's like a puppy chasing his own tail, you sort of feel like you're getting closer but you're not going to get it.

To those of you who idolise images, hopefully you already know that those can be manipulated on computers to look thinner, smoother, etc. But what some seem to forget is that these people are publicity instruments, art installments and, as far as the pictures go, not meant to be a goal. For anyone!

Consider this: a designer or photographer is working on taking beautiful pictures of this girl wearing a fancy dress. If you were them, what's your ultimate goal? To make it look good so people will buy it. The dress, not the girl. She, pretty as may be, the more forgetable she is, the better. A good way to do it is with girl who are thin and straight-shaped, to keep the focus on the clothes and not on themselves. Try to see those pictures as art (the combining of sets, expressions and stuff) rather than something you ought to be like

We forget that when we buy a dress, we mean for ourselves to look good. We are not walking bilboards. We are not working to make the dress or the designer to look good. Our goal is to make ourselves look good!

And that can never be reached comparing ourselves to others, whoever they are. Be the best you you can be. And if you want to lose a couple of pounds, make sure it's for you. To feel better and more energized and to be healthier! Not to parade yourself on the streets in the latest designer creation like a walking clothes hanger!
People are a different kind of art as you have plenty more going on for yourself than just looks. Work on your personality, your hobbies, refine your personal taste and explore the many other sides of you to remember you are much much more that what you look like

Find what looks good on you and makes you look good. Find what makes you feel good! Treat yourself the best you possibly can, to look your very best: eat good things, tasty things, wear nice creams, sleep well, be happy. It shows on you and make you more beautiful than any weightloss pill or designer dud could. Be your own kind of beautiful and own it!

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