sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

How do you determine if something is you?

How often do you find things you like and find cute but just aren't "you"?
You may buy these items, only to have them end up forgotten in the back of the closet or making you feel guilty about your bad purchase. But how do you separate what you like and find pretty from what you'll actually wear?

Determine what you like
You can make moodboards, use a Pinterest account to make one online or just take a sketchbook and draw, draw, draw! Try to figure out what appeals to you, overall speaking. Try to see what you find good-looking and tasteful in fashion, make-up, home decor, food, etc.
Don't spare anything that calls out to you, we'll weed out the true winners later!

Weed out the maybes
Now you need to tend to your personal style and taste and refine it. But how? Look at your bad purchases, either clothes, food or decor you don't quite like. What do they have in common?
Do you buy running gear despite being more of a slow moving kind of girl? Do you buy clothes with ruffles and find yourself struggling with them when you wear them? Do you buy knick-knacks and then get annoyed at having to move them to get stuff from the shelves?
It's alright. You can tweak these things after you find out what you don't like.

Turn the bad into good
First gather your winners and think about what they have in common. Then try to tweak you rejects based on that. If you are a homebody who keeps buying sporting gear, why not try yoga?
Try to think about what do you like about the rejects and then think about how to get it another way. Like the feminine flutter of ruffles but hate fidgeting with them? Try soft pink simple clothing or a tiny bow somewhere and see if it feels right! 
If you need a hand with that, ask a friend! If they know you well, they're likely to be able to have a fresh view on things. If you could use another hand with examples, be sure to leave a comment below!

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  1. Hey, I tried to email you, but it didn't get delivered. I just wanted to congratulate you on your blog and what uve done with it in such a short span.


    1. Hi Ayesha!
      Thank you so much for your input! I guess I've been having trouble with my e-mail... Again, thanks for visiting and be sure to leave questions whenever you need!