sábado, 25 de maio de 2013

Personal Uniform Makeovers: Part 4

Today we'll talk about the uniform of students everywhere trying to look more polished than the tee-and-jeans wearing crowd (among others). Many people think they are upgrading their personal uniform by changung their tees to polos and while they are (a little bit) there is a lot more you can do for your image with just as little effort.

I think that, from the waist down, this look has already been discussed enough. Put your flipflops away as beachwear only and upgrade your jeans so that they don't bunch, need cuffs or are ripped in any way.
The wash and cut are up to you but you can't go wrong with a dark wash straight jean. It looks good in every shape and works with every style. About the rest:
  • A polo sure is an improvement from a regular tee but don't you want to do better? Save polos for extra casual events and polish up for the rest. Furthermore, try to make sure your polos are fitted from now on.
  • Try a casual top, be it striped, solid or in other patterns. As long as it's fitted, you're good. If you miss the detailingat the neck, bring attention to it with a small simple necklace
  • Top it all off with a thin cardigan, solid if your top is patterned and vice-versa. This allows you to be even more comfortable in changing temperatures and makes your whole look more polished and put together. This can even work as a business casual outfit!
Don't forget that these are just guidelines. Adapt these looks to your style using similar ones from your closet! So, tell me, have you upgraded your personal uniform yet? What do you wear on a daily basis?

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