domingo, 19 de maio de 2013

Personal Uniform Makeovers: Part 3

Today we'll talk about how to get dress for occasions with no effort or planning needed.
What do you do when a dressier occasion comes by unnanounced? You likely have a dressy fall-back outfit so you can just get dressed and walk out the door. But wouldn't it be great if, after doing just that, you arrived and were the best dressed at the scene?
You'd be wrong to think that can't happen with a personal uniform, you just need some teaks in yous!
Most dressy fall-backs include dressy pants and a flowy top. However, this is seldom the best look you can manage. And no matter how much of a hurry you are in, there is no way you'll be best dressed in flipflops, no matter how shiny.
I'll help you create the perfect personal uniform for any special occasion!

  • First you must know which parts of your body you like most or least.
  • Then, and deppending on your occasion needs, you'll want to find a "universal" dress. For exmaple, if you go mostly to corporate cocktails you'll need a different dress than for children's events like baptisms and communions.
  • Search for a dress in a suitable fabric for most of your occasions and in a solid that flatters you. You can't go wrong with navy, coral, teal (pictured) or deep purple as they look good with all skin tones
  • Make sure the shape looks good on you. This means it balances your figure without being tight or baggy anywhere. Sometimes this can mean a tailored or even made from scratch dress can be your ideal option. If you keep things simple it will not be expensive.
  • Now this dress will work for you like no other has! make multiple looks with simple accessorizing and a pair of neutral and formal shoes. Metallic sandals, nude pumps or even simple flats can fill this role.
If you find yourself in many formal occasions or ones with different levels of formality, you could possibly use some more dresses to cover those needs. Keep them few and very different so they'll be more versatile. 

For this purpose I keep four dresses: one black and white and one hot pink for cocktails or weddings and a grey sheath and a baby blue one for less formal occasions like family birthdays. The versatility of simple dresses has caught me ever since and sometimes my casual dresses get bumped up a notch with shiny accessories. 

The key is to keep the look the least fussy possible: an impecably fitting dress, shiny hair, maybe a red lip (or just gloss if you're shy) and you'll be amazing no matter the occasion!
I'm not saying this is the only way: you can look just as elegant in dress pants and an embellished cardigan. This is just the easier way to make sure you'll always look your best and fuss the least with what goes well with this or that. 

So, let's recap: great dress, simple accessories, simple shoes, gorgeous self. Done! :)

What about you? Do you have a formal uniform?

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  1. I love the look on the right :) That dress is beautiful!! xo

    1. Hi
      That's great to know! What do you usually default to as a formal look?