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Personal Uniform Makeovers: Part 2

Do you work or study in a business casual setting? Do you feel your personal uniform sometimes doesn't rise to the occasion? Then today's segment is for you! 
We're going to learn how to make a casual work uniform that's polished and poised so you'll look like you're in full control, even if it just took you five minutes getting dressed!

Take the personal uniform on the left. Would you hire this person? Send them to meet an important client? Just because it's a casual setting, doesn't mean you should look like a slob. This also applies to people working at home, students, interns or volunteers. There is no downside in making yourself look good!
  • We've talked about top shapes before. Step away from boxy shirts, droopy patterns and colors that aren't the best for your skin.
  • You probably think you look more professional in khakis than jeans. And you're right, as long at they fit! Tailored clothing looks more expensive and makes you look better. Baggy pants and ratty colors just make you look lazy and clueless
  • If you're trying to look anything a step up from ultra ultra casual, ditch the flip flops. Also, there is no such thing as "fancy" flip flops. No wedges, glitter, leather, etc.

Now, after we got that out of the way, let's rebuild an uniform that you'll be excited to wear in the morning!

  • Stock up on non-t-shirt tops. These can be blouses, shirts or any top that makes you look professional, polished and put together. Snatch up cheery prints in colors that look good on you and make you skin glow. Keep in mind these tops should have structure, a waist and details wouldn't be bad either.
  • Look more professional and put-together with a solid blazer. Too much for you? Try a solid cardigan in a color that plays well with your print. If it's too hot, do away with the second layer.
  • As far as business casual footwear goes, wear a "real shoe". You can do sandals, as long as they are polished and simple, like the ones in the picture. This uniform could also work with flats, boat shoes, loafers... Just keep them simple and classic
  • This uniform is good enough on it's own, but you can make it "you" by adding small accessories or a pretty bag
So, what do you think? Is this something you'd find easy to wear in the morning? What's your personal uniform? Does it need a makeover? I want to hear what you think in the comments!

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