domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Tear off your labels!

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned are only examples

How much do you care about which label is stitched on your clothing?
Would you be willing to pay more for the exact same item with a fancier label?
Does the brand you're wearing affect your mood?
Do you own any items with the brand sprawled across it? This is most frequent in hoodies or purses.

Although some people are imune to labels/brands, most are not. And it doesn't apply only to clothes. Beauty products, cars, even school supplies see this fenomenon too. Of course you feel better when owning/wearing quality items but did you ever stop to think how much does the brand influence your percieved quality of the product?

Invisible logos (on the inside)

I too am a "victim" of this, and it isn't always a bad thing. It's a bad thing when it's what matters most to you about the product. I was gifted a Chanel perfume last Christmas and it smells amazing. But the thruth is I feel an extra boost of amazingness and fanciness by knowing that I'm wearing Chanel.

The other side to this: a couple years ago, I started buying second hand items in markets held in my town. I often found items with no label whatsoever, that I liked and bought. Or labels I had never seen before. What I think of that item is 100% mine and not influenced by the image the brand tries to project.
Other times I found pretty unique items from previous collections of not so unique brands like Mango or Zara. I no longer remember why it came to me to snip away some labels but it might me one of my best ideas yet: keep only the labels that boost your mood!

Do you have an investment piece or splurge from a brand fancier than you usually wear and that you feel great everytime you wear it? Keep the label. Is it only a so-so thing? Cut it off! It is no longer an H&M sweater, it's YOUR sweater!
This can also be a freeing experience if you're concerned about size. Last year alone, I've bought things that are every size between 32 and 40, XXS and all the way up to M. Sizes in stores mean nothing nowadays and your self-esteem is likely better off without a size label.

On the outside

But now let's talk about labels on the outside of clothes. Do you have a hoodie with a really big store logo in front of it? What about a purse covered in it's brand logo?
How do those items make you feel when you wear them? Do you think you magically become the embodiement of the image the brand project? Spoiler alert: you don't.

Is this what you want to look like?
Having a Coach purse on your arm does not change who you are one bit. You don't suddenly become just like the lady in the advert/catalog. You're still you, with a purse. So think very well before paying to advertise for a brand. That's right: you're paying to become a walking billboard!
There are only a couple of reasons why someone would cover themselves in logos on purpose: to show off wealth and to "hide" who you really are, projecting a brand's identity instead. You may as well be wearing a sign saying: "I do whatever advertisements tell me to"

Seriously consider showing off good taste instead of money (that's right, they don't always go hand in hand) and creating your own personal style to project your personality, instead of hiding it behind branded polos, pants and the like.
A good place to start is to understand the message your clothes are telling others, and comparing it with the image you want to send. Are they the same? Get second opinions if you must, and try the exercises suggested here.

This weekend, cut off any inside labels that don't boost your mood and give away the stuff with big and loud logos to charity and tell me how it went.
How do you feel about labels? Do you see yourself in any of the cases mentioned? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. "Sizes in stores mean nothing nowadays and your self-esteem is likely better off without a size label"...I am taking this advice!! I feel bad when I have to go up a size, and it is indeed freeing to know the size labels mean nothing.

    Fabulous blog entry, one I will be printing and saving for my daughter as she enters her teenage years. :-)

    1. My, that comment just made my day!
      I'm glad this had such a positive impact on you. Truth is that stores not only use different sizing charts but often the same store will fluctuate in sizes.

      Buy what fits you and makes you feel good, regardless of the number on the label. Then, if it makes you feel less than great, clip the tag of. They're often itchy, do it's a double win!

      If you have any requests about other subjects fashion-related, do not hesitate to e-mail me a request/question or leave a message through Polyvore

      Hope to hear soon how tearing your labels off worked out!
      Wish you the best