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How to wear a collared shirt for spring

While some people may have an aversion to button-downs (or button ups) the truth is that they are incredibly versatile for a multitude of personal styles and can be worn a million different ways.

Plain white shirt

Although any of these ideas would work with any solid colored shirt, I'll use a white one as an example.
In a casual setting, your options are almost endless. Most people choose pants as bottoms for their shirt but there are so many ways to style it!

The obvious choice is jeans. This makes a great plain canvas for other statement pieces like bright shoes or a big necklace or you can leave it as is for a great minimalist outfit, maybe with loafers for the weekend. Feel free to adapt this to your personal style, as it's a classic that goes with everything.

Often people forget that due to it's plain-ness, the solid shirt is a perfect pair for trendy pants, both the solid statement ones or the print jeans. Just remember to keep color pairings in check (use the color wheel for help if you have doubts). A white shirt with colored jeans just begs for a patterned piece like a cardigan or shoes but printed pants are already a big attention-grabber so keep all else simple. If you could use a hand in adapting these to your personal style or incorporate then into your personal uniform, leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

 Dress up

You can also take your new casual staple to a more formal setting with a few teaks. It wouldn't seem so at first sight but these shirts go very well tucked into formal skirts. Add some heels and fancy accessories and you're ready to party in style. For a more laid-back yet still formal look, try plain flats and let your hair down.

Try shirts tucked into long-ish shorts (no denim or hot-pants for this!) for a relaxed look. This would go well with a shiny long necklace. For a more cocktail-like approach, skirts are in order. A plain shirt goes well with either patterned or solid skirts but keep in mind the same advice as for pants: if you choose the patterned one, keep the rest simple, if you go with the solid, add some spice.

You can do this with any solid shirt, but it's trickier. Start with white or other soft colors (nude, baby pink) before trying to make formal outifts with a cobalt blouse.

Patterned shirt

Most people have a patterned shirt that speaks to their style. Wether it's flannel plaid, zebra stripes or soft florals, you can wear it in many outfits. Add more variety by layering a coordinatig solid top underneath and leaving a couple of buttons (or all of them!) undone.

The obvious pairing of choice for any patterned top is jeans. But don't limit yourself to blue! Try other colors that go well with your print and black or white, which are safe in most cases. If you have casual skirts, this is a great way to wear them on the weekend, with flats and a denim jacket if it's your thing.

Do you have more ideas on how to wear shirts? Share them in the comments!

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