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Coral or olive?

We have another question!
I was wondering if you could help me style these jackets and could help me decide which to keep.I am in high school and live in California so its pretty hot right now. My typical outfit would be a jean shorts and a light sweater with sandals. I am around 5'6 with black wavy hair a little past shoulder length.
I have medium to dark olive skin and dark brown eyes. I have an oddly proportioned body- long legs and a short torso and I guess I'm pretty skinny

I'm assuming both jackets have a good fit on you, so I'll help you decide based solely on the color.
  • When do you intend to wear this jacket? You live in a pretty hot place but is this a spring or fall coat for you? It seems that you'd get more mileage out of the coral coat in spring and of the olive one come fall
  • It sounds like both of them look good against your skin. If you can, hold each coat up to your face (or a similar colored piece) against a mirror. If one of the colors just makes you glow, you don't have to wonder anymore!
  • Do you already have a thin coat? If you already have a lightweight neutral coat, go with the coral, if not, your best bet is to secure neutrals that go with everything and then branch to color

Outfits and styling
I don't know much about your personal style but I'll keep things simple so you can customize it and replicate the outfits on your own closet.

In the spring, wear it with your usual shorts and sandals. Keep in mind that if the sandals have a "busy"/embellished look to them, you should keep the top simple. If you are self consious about your long legs you may feel better in knee length shorts. These are usually hard to come by but have been seen on the runways this year and look more put together than tiny cut-offs

For fall, I'd pair either coat with a solid neutral sweater in a noticeable texture (open weave might be a good choice for your climate, but remember to wear a tank underneath!) and a longer length along with a pendant necklace to showcase your personality and elongate your torso. Just finish off with your regular jeans and ankle boots

To keep things stylish, add your own accessories. A long necklace or big earrings would be best to draw the eye to your face. Also keep in mind that when working with simpler pieces/outfits, you need small details to "keep interest" so a littlt ruffle or beading (or studs) will go a long way. You can also tie a belt over your top but not at the natural waist. Sling it lower for a trendy drop-waist effect that lets you elongate your torso as much or as little as you like.

Did this help? I sure hope so! Which coat do you think she should keep?
Leave your opinion and tips in the comments!

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