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Perfect Closet Series: Knits and tees

These constitute the bulk of most people's closet so they usually take up a lot of space. You can fold and stack them but how do you keep that perfect boutique look?
  1. Purge, purge, purge. I cannot stress it enough. We usually keep waaaay too many sleeping/paintin shirts that have no business in our closet. Unwearable favorites can go in your crafts pile to make a quilt or even wall-art but god forbid you wear them again. Keep one or two ruinable shirts (they may come in handy)
  2. Make sure you've got the essentials covered. Your essentials may vary from most lists online but if you wear black tanks a lot but all were gone in the Big Purge because they were too small/tight/faded it's time to buy one or two new ones.
  3. Separate things into categories. Hopefully this isn't new to you. Make a stack of sweaters, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc. I trust you know this one already
  4. Get rolling! If your closet was a mess (and even if it wasn't) there's no harm in sweeping a lint roller through your stuff. You'll never believe how much stuff comes out! You can skip the tees bit knits, especially the dark ones are almost mandatory. If you own any furry pets this is not negotiable: lint-roll the ba-jeesus out of everything!
  5. Select a folding style. With a quick search online you can learn the ninja fold or just fold the sleeves in and then folding the whole thing in half. Try a summer job at a retail store to learn to do this in your sleep. It is important that you have a consistent fold for all your garments to end up the same size.
  6. Fold away! These garments should never be hung, ever! They'll sag and stretch down and fit terribly in amazingly little time.
  7. Get space. If you hung these clothes before you may need a new dresser with lots of drawers or one of those soft shelves you can hang from your closet rod with lots of cubbies. When purchasing new stuff for your closet, try to match it to the existing stuff or make sure that at least it coordinates so the final result is appealing to the eye.
  8. Make stacks of like items and put them away in whatever space you've designated for it. For knits, try to make lower stacks of two to four cardigans/sweaters tops (depends on thickness) so that it'll be easier for you to search for clothes, wear all of them, and keep the closet looking great without toppling piles of sweaters. If you can, try to make some space between stacks, but not much.
  9. T-shirts can be stacked higher (up to 8, ten tops) and the piles can be tighter together. Try to make sure that they are all the same size when folded and that you have enough space to be easy to look for them. If t-shirt space is tight from you making space for sweaters look into filing your shirts vertically although I do not endorse this method - I usually get lazy and start putting in horizontally folded shirts on top of the vertically filed ones ruining both the look and the system. Try it and see if it works for you. If not, purge some more!
If you have "stiff" blouses and other non-tshirt tops that are supposed to be hung wait for next week when we tackle them with jackets!

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