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Perfect Closet Series: Jackets, Pants and Shirts ("Hangables")

Is your closet already near perfection? Last week we tackled knits, tees and all "fold-ables" and told you we'd deal with stiffer blouses that are supposed to be hung later. Here we are!

  • Okay, if you've been paying any attention to the previous articles you can guess this step: take everything out of the closet and purge, purge, purge! You can keep stuff that doesn't fit you quite right if you take it to get tailored. Things that are too short/ tight/ wrong around the shoulders or that just looks "wierd" on you should get out of your closet (and life!) for good!
  • Sort what's left in categories: jackets, skirts, shorts, pants, parkas, blazers, it's up to you!
  • After knowing how much of which you have, consider getting new hangers. Clothes last longer and in better shape when we care for them. If you can, try to get them all in wood and fairly wide shoulders. If you lack space, try only wide shoulders for coats and other thick outerwear and keep all else in thinner wood hangers. If you can't afford them, plastic is okay too, provided it's not too thin. Wire, though, actually damages your clothes so you should just give them back to your dry cleaners. Try to gradually change your hangers to wood, maybe purchasing some at a time to treat your clothes the best way possible!
  • Coats are usually the most expensive pieces in your closet after shoes to you should try your best to care for them. Hang them in the widest hangers you own, use a lint roll when storing them for the off-season and keep them in garment bags during those months too! Try hard to keep them buttoned (if there is a single button on the inside, usually different from the others, just button that one. It means your coat will keep better if unbuttoned and that little one helps maintain the correct shape while in storage) and empty out their pockets every single time you take them off! You can also schedule a reminder in your phone to get them cleaned when the weather gets hotter before putting them away for summer: just don't keep them in the dry-cleaning plastic!
  • Jackets can also be kept just like coats but that's xepensive and impractical. Just keep them in wide hangers, with some buttons closed to keep the shape and empty the pockets. Getting them cleaned in their off-season is also good practice, as is getting rid of the cleaner's plastic as soon as you get home!
  • If you'd like to fold skirts and shorts go for it! Just fold them in half and stack them about three to four high. If you lack storage space for folded things or prefer to hang them, hangers with clips can hold multiple pairs of shorts and skirts. Test them on whatever you're wearing at the store. Some clips leave marks! The best ones are rubber coated. Sort them into skirts/shorts or winter/summer, whatever works for you best.
  • Let's turn to pants! Fold them in half and place in hangers. Depending on how many pants you have, you can buy hangers that store multiple pairs to both save space and organize better. To fold them, simply fold the waist in half and them pull on the crotch seam, where the legs meet, to ensure a smooth finished fold. If hanging space is scarce or you have one of those closets with lots of cubbies, you can stack them in twos or threes, trying to keep the stacks neat.
  • Last but definitely not least come those stiffer tops you know are supposed to be hung, like button downs, structured vests, blouses, etc. Just make sure they are clean and free of creases and hang them in the best hangers you can. These pieces are usually where you can scrimp in the hangers section, because thin wood or thick plastic won't make much of a difference, But for a streamlined, boutique-perfect look, I recomend the most inexpensive wooden ones you can find. If slipping is a problem, those tiny felt circles to stop furniture from scraping on wood can be glued to hangers to stop that! If you'd like, sorting them by colors gives a nice visual effect and make things easier to find.
Did I skip any area of your closet that could use some help? If you could use a hand with something we didn't talk about, leave a comment below!
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