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Perfect Closet Series: Jewelry

Don't you want a perfect closet? Like those you may have seen on Pinterest or Instagram, so tidy, neat, beautiful, like it's the owner's personal upscale department store. Dreamy? Absolutely not! It's, in fact, completely attainable, although it takes some work.

Do you already have a perfect shoe closet? Then it's time for you to tackle your jewelry! Fortunately, this one will be easier than the shoes, mainly because we're talking about smaller items that take out less space.
Don't worry about costume jewelry yet, we'll get to it later!

If you haven't already, weed out of your jewelry box anything that isn't actual jewelry, like costume pieces or hair accessories. Take this time to pass on seldom used pieces as well and send any to a repair shop if needed.
Now take your big (or small) "pile" of jewelry and sort in how many categories you see fit (rings, earrings, both long and short or by colors, you're the boss)

If any of your jewelry came with a care booklet, obey it under any circunstance, seriously.
Other than that, you can care for your jewelry with some basic guidelines.

  • Send gold to a professional cleaners if it's lost its original color and scrub silver with non-gel toothpaste and an old toothbrush.
  • Dry everything thoroughly
  • If you keep jewelry in their original cases, clean and vacuum them
  • Dust and vacuum your jewelry box if you have one
  • If needed, rub some (clean) old pantyhose over jewelry to dust and shine it
This is always my favorite part! You can completely personalize this to your tastes, style and even make it match the rest of your room if you want to! Start with your things separated in categories, as many or as little as you please and try these methods before you decide which you like best
  • If you like to keep everything in their original boxes, sort the boxes by category or color and line them up on a fairly clear surface.
  • With a jewelry box, try to decide where each category goes before starting to put things into it.
  • My favorite jewelry organization tip ever is to separate things that used to be together with mini-cupcake liners. This is very useful when working with a jewelry box with big compartments in making things neat and not jumbled together. It also prevents things from scratching each other
  • Are you a DIY-er? You must have (faux) leather scarps around the house! If you don't, head to a small shoe or furniture shop and ask for last year's leather samples. Cut small rectangles and, with a pushpin/thumbtack, make two holes in each rectangle. Use it to keep your earrings together. It looks better than whatever they came in and all pairs will look the same. I have tan leather in my box but imagine how pretty it would be in pink or baby blue or maybe even bright orange!
Does everything look neat yet? Good! Enjoy you're perfect looking jewelry collection and if you want to be featured in this article, send me before and after pictures to chica_esperta@hotmail.com
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