domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013

Perfect Closet Series: Dresses

I just want to make sure you end up with a perfect closet but this week is so simple it should go without saying. Start by taking out all the dresses in your closet and go!

  • Purge: Donate any dress that doesn't fit or that you don't wear. Then separate what's left in categories
  • Sweater dresses: or other sweater-like knits should be folded as not to stretch out. Keep them in a dresser drawer or closet shelf, folded as this: spread it and smooth it out, fold the sides inward to end up with a rectangle (fold the sleeves in too if applicable), then fold a small section in and finish by folding the whole thing in half. It's pretty much like folding a regular sweater, except for the beggining
  • Cocktail dresses: should be hung in a garment bag to keep out dust and kept together in a side of your closet (mine are to the furthest left, decreasing in formality towards the right)
  • Sheath/ Work Dresses: should be clean and hung in a regular hanger, wood is best, plastic does the trick, wire should be tossed out. Most "rigid" dresses can go in this category if they have enough structure not to stretch when hung.
  • Flowy/ Beachy Dresses: can get stretched out if hung and just take up a lot of space. You can fold them and keep them in a drawer or shelf. I fold them and then hang the folded dresses from a pants hanger, with place for multiple ones. It still lets you see them all, keeps them organized and they don't stretch (triple win!). You can also fold them in half and hang them from those pant hangers with clips, although you should be careful with your choice of clips as they mark clothing
That's pretty much it! Donate unwanted dresses, send dirty ones to the wash and those in need of repair to a tailor or your sewing pile and you nailed it! Did you tidy your dresses this weekend? Tell us how it went in the comments!

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