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How to look cute for Valentine's

(and without looking like you tried)

Here's a question that must be in many of your minds:

What to wear for Valentine's Day? I would like to wear something casual for school, like teen-ish. And I had this nice lace top in mind.


I'm guessing you're looking for an outfit that looks romantic and sweet while being casual, not like yo "tried too hard" but still a  step up from your regular outfits. Here are some tips:

  • First think what is your regular everyday outfit: jeans and a sweater? Dresses? We're going to base your new outfit on that one, so it doesn't stray much from your personal style
  • Now choose a semi-fancy or standout piece. Looks like you already chose yours (the lace top). This is a great way to showcase a trend or wear something "formal" in a casual setting. Other suggestions would be brightly colored jeans or a special piece of jewelry.
  • Choose your shoes. In the words of Stacy London «The shoes set the tone for the outfit» so they'll be the difference from dressed up casual to dressed down formal. Go with your everyday shoes to capture that "I just happen to look extra cute today" or choose something a step from them but still in the casual zone like neutral ballet flats.
Take this regular to "fancy casual" transformation:

Now to really make this outfit yours (and Valentine-y) choose some romantic and dainty accessories. If your top has a "plain" neckline leaving a lot of empty space in the chest area, try wearing a long pendant necklace. Cute earrings are also important to bring attention to your face.
Your choice of coat will be limited because most people don't have many coats for each kind of weather so go with what feels right,If yiu have a choice go with anything with muted colors and a romantic feel.

The finishing touches will bring this together. Paint your nails in a coordinating (but not matching color) and for make-up, if you wear it, do a five-minute face with only foundation, mascara and gloss. Leave your hair the way it usually is and maybe add a tiny barrette for extra polish.

Did you like this guide? What did you wear for Valentine's? Leave your outfits and extra tips in the comments!
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