domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2013

Fashion Challange: revive a closet orphan

Today we're going to take a closet orphan, perhaps even an old favorite, and start wearing it again, fabulously, of course!

First, pick your orphan. It should be something you rarely wear (if at all) and, at the top of your head, you wouldn't know how to style. Keep in mind this item should still fit you.

Then think of why you haven't worn it soon. Is it a very bright color? Is it a trend from waaay back? Is it too grown up or on the other hand, too young for you?

Take some time to think about outfits that will counter-balance this garment's flaws.

  • Piece too stuffy? Add denim (example: wool shift dress + denim jacket; bouclé jacket + jeans)

  • Piece too bright or statement-y? Pair with an all neutral look! (example: black pants + breton striped sweater + kelly green trench; we've went with this stategy before when styling red pants!)

  • Something isn't your style anymore? That could be a great look in the making (example: you went from preppy to gunge, try a prim button down with black studded shorts and edgy jewelry; reverse? wear a regular look and add edgy accessories)

  • Something looks too young for your age? If you aren't comfortable in it, don't wear it. If you are, tone down the girlie look with tailored and sophisticated pieces (example: pink tank top + camel blazer + white pants)
When you figure out how you can "fix" this item to fit your style again, try to come up with at least three different outfits for it. A good first try would be to pair it with all neutrals, whatever those maybe to your current style. If you are up to the challenge, create five different outfits and register them (draw them or write them down somewhere), and make it a point to re-wear this piece as often as possible until it's second nature to you.

What closet orphan did you save this weekend? Share in the comments the item you chose, why, and how you gave it a stylish new spin. I can't wait to read them!

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