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Motorcycling gear

Today we have a question from Fiona Wardenberg:

Hey, so I have a question for the Ask Section:
Today I'm going to a birthday party and my brother is taking me on his motorcycle but I don't have any leather so, what do I wear? I have a white v-neck and a black and white tank as well... Help?

EDIT: It has recently been brought to attention that these tips are extremely unsafe for high speed bikes such as Harleys or the like. Please wear proper protective garments when riding those. These tips apply only for scooters that cannot reach speeds higher than 45 km/h, anything higher can make innapropriate clothing a hazard even in a small accident

Hence we're making this page about what to wear when motorcycling when you don't have any gear. Here are a few tips:

  • First and foremost, you want to ensure your legs are covered. No matter how cool it looks on posters or movies, bare legs and a motorcycle are a recipe for disaster. You don't need nothing fancy, jeans will do fine.
  • If you're not going to be driving you can wear any shoe you want but depending on whether you've done this before and the length of the trip, you want shoes that are somehow attached to your body. This means no flip-flop or strap-less flats. Good options are sneakers of any kind or sandals that are strapped to your foot. If you are an "expert" you can even wear heels, if they are tied to your foot securely and have good support like a chunky heel or wedge, and even a boot if it's very cold.
  • Take in to account that when riding, it will seem to you that the weather is colder than it in fact is. Take some sort of extra layer with you, ideally in a fabric that is somhow windbreaking like a parka. Poor choices are open knits and anything in a t-shirt fabric. Good choices are obviously leather, trenches and other waterproof jackets or even a denim one
  • Depending on your helmet protection level, you may want to add a scarf of any kind to protect your face from the wind and/or flying dust
  • Take into account while accessorizing that you want to choose things you can either take off easily before riding to put away or than will not get detached form your person in any circunstance. Good: stud earrings, belts, crossbody bags. Terrible: bangles, wristlets
  • Last of all, don't forget a good fitting helmet and gloves if it is cold. Hands get incredibly cold when riding a bike.
Here are some outfit ideas using this formula:


A little fancy

Hope you liked it! If you have any more tips for Fiona don't be shy about leaving them in the comments! As always, if you loved this post share it on your social network of choice using the buttons below!

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  1. As a girl who owns a motorcycle, and has a boyfriend with a motorcycle, it is very irresponsible to wear anything but a motorcycle jacket and leather or pleather boots. An accident at even the slowest speeds can cause the materials from a regular sneaker to rip away, heels are a terrible idea as well. Regardless of whether or not you are driving, a fully enclosed boot is important for safety.

    If a motorcycle jacket is unavailable, a pleather or leather jacket is the best idea.

    Bottom line, leather boots and jacket. Everything under that doesn't matter. Be cute under the jacket, but more importantly be safe. Road rash from even a small fall hurts and leaves scars.