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How to wear red pants for winter

Welcome to the first "How to wear" post. Here we will feature a piece you most likely already own and style it in new ways so you'll make the most of your closet!

If you haven't gotten yourself a pair of colored jeans yet, it's about time you did! And what better color than red? Punchy, timeless and wearable year-round, aside from the fact that it goes with everything? Sign me up!

With grey

The first thing to be paired with red is breton stripes. It's just so parisian! Add black knee-high boots for style, waterproof-ness and warmth and finish off with some simple gold studs and the outerwear of your choice.

How to wear red pants for winter

But you've already tried this and want some new outfits that aren't based on breton stripes. Okay, Try a chunky cardigan in any neutral, dainty flats and jewelry and a tame statement scarf (it's got some fun polka dots but in a demure color scheme). If this is too little fun and color for you, think it's the perfect base for a more out-there hairstyle, make-up or even nail color!

With black

For a less basic black option, pair your red pants with an embellished coat (maybe bouclé, if it's your thing, or a glam army-jacket) and the simplest accessories possible. Try both white or grey tops under it! 
Or if you don't have such a jacket, take a plain black blazer and embellish it yourself with shiny brooches and maybe even trade the buttons for something more glam! For a final touch, ballet flats.

With tan

But you can wear these with more than basic black/ grey. For another fail-safe option, cover yourself in camel, including accessories (it's okay if the shades don't match) or try white for a striking contrast! Or, for fun, why not join both? Tan clothing and white accessories or vice-versa?

So, here you go, four completely fail-safe options to wear those red pants instead of waiting for summer. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below and if you got new winter outfits with red pants, don't keep them to yourself!

If you've got a closet orphan that needs saving or any piece you want to wear in new ways or any fashion question, really, just write an e-mail to or comment below. If this article helped you, let it help other too, by sharing it through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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  1. I'm dying to get red pants! And next week sale I will buy them.. Finally

    1. Hey Ayesha
      I was previously afraid to buy red pants but they turned out to be extremely versatile through all seasons, a great purchase! Tell me if you need help styling them