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How to pack for a week (chilly)

We've got our first reader question ever! 
Tia Shekelle asked us:

What to wear on a four day school trip to San Francisco? There will be a lot of walking so I need comfortable walking shoes and also warm clothes, since it will be cold in San Francisco.

First and foremost, you need to take a small bag and fill it with your day's necessities. The image below is a great visual guide to make sure you don't forget anything important

I also like to keep some emergency cash stashed under everything, you just never know. Add whatever make-up you wear daily to this, although on a trip mascara should suffice.
If you are flying, keep these things in TSA approved containers so you won't lose any and keep the pouch accessible for easy inspection.

You will most likely be wearing these things during the trip itself. Make sure to set aside:

  • One coat: If it's neutral or bright is entirely up to you. Make sure it's waterproof if it is raining in your destination (check the forecast)
  • One small day bag: This should be a neutral to coordinate will all your outfits. This is where you'll keep your wallet, cash and a snack
  • A pair of pants: I chose skinnies to tuck them into the boots and black because it's more versatile and a wee bit less common. Depending on how many days you'll be gone, you may want to add a pair of pants to your luggage.
  • Good walking shoes: Wear the bulkiest, in this case, a pair of flat riding boots. Make sure they are not only comfy but have arch support so your feet won't ache. If you want another pair, choose neutral ankle booties or discreet sneakers (as in all black or white)
  • A scarf: This will keep you warm and stylish. Choose either a neutral, solid bright or pattern, but keep in mind it should go well with your tops (see below)
Daily wear:

Substitute x for the number of days you will be travelling, not including the trip:
  • x tops (sweaters, shirts or whatever you like) making sure they do not clash with your coat, scarf, boots and purse
  • x + 1/3 x underwear items: A looser rule is to take x and then add a couple. This includes panties, socks and bras. If you'll wear different outfits day and night, double these.

Extra flair:

You never know what will happen during a trip or who you'll find, but you want to be prepared for anything! Stash a dress in your bag along with some tights in case a dressier event happens (maybe a semi-formal dinner?). This doesn't take up much room but you'll be thankful when you need it.
Now stuff the nooks and crannies of your bag with accessories. Make sure to include dressy ones, colorful ones and neutral, to go with all outfits.

 Now just have fun on your trip! Keep in mind I may have left off this list items important to you personally like eyeglasses, medication or even a digital camera. As a last tip, pack all electronic chargers as you pack the gadgets so you won't forget any!

If you have any useful tips for Tia, leave them in the comments!
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