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How to dress up a hoodie

This week's "how to wear" post will be about hoodies. Favorites of college students everywhere and perfect weekend uniform to many more, most of the times, the hoodie lends a super-causal, even sloppy look to an outfit if you're not careful.

But how can we take advantage of the hoodie's easiness of wear and confort and still look good? How is it possible to dress up the ultimate casual piece?

How to dress up a hoodie

With the right add-ons, the hoodie goes from drab to fab! For starters you have to choose a hoodie that will lend itself to be dressed up (no ironic sayings or crude imagery) and then just pile on the chic, replacing your usual hoodie outfit with it's chic counterparts as follows:

  • Regular jeans to dark inky jeans: Even if they aren't skinny, their benefits are endless
  • Sneakers to flats: All the comfort, all the chic (best of both worlds!)
  • Bare faced to natural makeup: A dab of gloss makes a world of difference
  • No accessories to timeless studs and neutral clutch: There's nothing that won't look better with those two
  • Last but not least, it's the small details that count. A belt or small ring can bring this from "I didn't know what else to wear" to intentional and put-together
Do you have more ideas on how to dress up a hoodie? Leave them in the comments below!

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